• Paula Mitchell Bentley

    I love the simplicity. Great find!

  • http://www.orkut.com/Main#Home.aspx laalparda

    Great work buddy

  • http://www.coolerchoice.com coolerchoice

    nice great ideas on here fantastic

  • http://thejoyofdailyliving.com Jessica T.

    Very cool.

  • http://www.holisticliving.co.nz/PeacefulWarrior.html Stephen

    Good on ya!

  • Woody

    i never leave comments on items i find on the internet but this time i had to leave a note.

    Please Please Please get a life , What are you thinking !

    Go help the homeless or animals or whatever but stop wasting your time you mindless, Treehugging, Hippy.

    • Name (required)

      Why must you resort to name calling, WOODY? Or better still, keep going and show everyone just how low you really can stoop!
      Why don’t you spend this weekend picking up trash at your local park or beach. I recommend you to stay away from animal shelters; you’d only scare them!

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey


    or maybe trolling like you?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but at least add something to the conversation. Clearly you don’t like this… why?

    Self-indulgent “Drive-by” insults are pointless. Unless you want to take the time to contribute in a meaningful way, I recommend you go back to your usual silence.

    Yours Truly,
    A Mindful Treehugging Hippy

  • http://www.fortheartofit.blogspot.com cassie

    very modern! not really for my decor but i appreciate the design. i really wanted to say that not all businesses are listed on the internet and many have to pay to be listed in the online phonebooks – so please, please still use your phonebook! and of course, recyle them!!

  • http://whiteroomcolorfullife.com Stephanie

    Great outside-the-box (or should I say inside-the-can) thinking!

  • Woody

    Matt ,

    Thank you for reminding me of my entitlements to a opinion, with my first amendment rights intact i will attempt to answer your question.

    The reason i dont like this is the amount of time that it took to design, produce and then advertise on this site could have been spent much more productively, and it worries me that the designer may be proud of this. There are much better do-gooder projects that deserve some time from Hippies.

    I mean, you people the way you always talk about “protectin’ the earth” and drive around in cars that get poor gas mileage and wear those stupid bracelets. Please, power of one, give me a break. Find something that makes a difference not putting together a yellow pages card holder.


  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey


    “The reason i dont like this is the amount of time that it took to design, produce and then advertise on this site could have been spent much more productively”

    That’s your opinion. A. I don’t think you know how much time it took to create B. If Doug enjoyed making it, and it serves a useful purpose in his house, then how is that a waste of his time? If you don’t like the design, I can understand that… don’t make it, and don’t read the tutorial on how to make it.

    “There are much better do-gooder projects that deserve some time from Hippies.”

    I agree, there are much better, do-gooder projects… this is not a do-gooder project. It is a self-indulgent project for people that like to make stuff. It is of particular interest to the readers of this site because it is about reusing materials we already have readily available rather than turning to unnecessary consumption.

    Finally I have to say, you don’t know me. You don’t know Doug. The comments you make about us are very presumptuous and inaccurate and they really only serve to show your own inability or reluctance to think outside of broad stereotypes and acknowledge your own ignorance.

  • Doug Gunzelmann

    Thanks Matt,

    @ Woody, you don’t know me, what I have done in my life, and how I’ve participated in “much better do-gooder” projects throughout my life and my full time career outside of this blog. Criticize the design, I have no problem with that and I expect such comments. However, mindlessly slandering someone’s name based on a DIY they performed in about 10 minutes is absurd.

    I hope you do check back in with our site from time to time, hopefully with more productive feedback.

    Perhaps you could contribute some of your personal ” much better do-gooder” projects to our readers. Help us from wasting our time Woody!

  • Woody

    I have an inability to think outside of broad stereotypes and acknowledge my ignorance, i will go stand outside now and repent… looking forward to your next project…

    and as for contributing my do-gooder projects i dont agree with self praise, it has a very musical and charming accent in another’s mouth, but very flat and untunable in your own.

  • Jeff

    OK, you hippies are really a bunch of douche bags, and no, I am not ‘trolling’, I was on stumbleon and was linked to this. Further, I am suspecting that based on the fact that you felt it neccessary to make certain everybody hears/sees your reply over, over, and frigging OVER again, that you are an only child loser, and all of you maggots are the same annoying asshat; ‘oh, I dont care if no one cares, but I HAVE to have everyone hear what I have to say’. Christ, you know what is the worst part of you dumbf*ck only children? That you never had a sibling tell you or your parents to tell you to shut the f*ck up, so I will help the world right now hippie, so SHUT THE F*CK UP!! Loser.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey


    I’m impressed. That is a truly compelling argument. Thank you for sharing such an insightful, balanced and articulate response.

  • Doug Gunzelmann

    @ Jeff

    You were close, but I have two brothers.

  • Woody

    @ Jeff ,

    Its hard to get through the day when issues in your early life , lack of love from your parents coupled with a limited education and even more limited grasp of the english language make you angry. But there is help out there for you

    For your anger : http://www.apa.org/topics/controlanger.html

    For your lack of English : http://www.dummies.com/store/product/English-Grammar-For-Dummies.productCd-0764553224.html

    Asking for Help is ok Jeff, its not your fault.

  • taaka khan

    i liked it. what’re the thin cans used for the photo?

  • goodkarma

    hey WOODY! im not much of a comment leaver myself but once i saw your post i had to. i WAS 100% agreeing with you up untill the tree hugging hippy part. i agree this idea is lame and theres much better things you could waste your time on; but the name calling is not necessary, asshole! see…..this post would have been alot nicer if id have left out the asshole.

  • goodkarma

    Wow, after reading Jeffs post I felt I owed Woody somewhat of an apology. Now im losing my motivation to do so. Doug, good job on being and innovative tree hugging hippy, there should be more of you out there. Even though I dont really plan on using your idea, I think its great that some people are out there trying. As for Woody and Jeff, what the hell are you doing? Why does it matter to you what Doug does or doesnt do? Woody, why do you find it necessary to come back the day after and see how people have responded to your rude comments? Also, how can you sit there and slander the idea of what Doug has done by saying it was a waste of time? What do you do with your time that is so much more efficient? Go on peoples web sites and argue with them because you dont agree with their thoughts or ideas? News flash hun, you are not going to like everything everyone does and I can guarantee not everyone is going to like everything you do, either.

    Peace and Love, man.

    A fellow tree hugging hippy.

  • http://glueandglitter.com/main Becky

    This is brilliant! I bet you could make it even fancier if you decoupage the can! Maybe with inside out security envelopes or pieces of junk mail?

  • Pxlchk


    It’s your site. Can’t you just suck the wind out of the troll’s sails and delete his comments? This is what he wants. LOTS of attention and it diverts from the original fun and interesting topic. I think it was an amusing exploratory.

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