• http://www.elephantjournal.com Waylon

    Love it!


    It would work perfectly if my laptop opened all the way!
    great idea, though.

  • http://www.eswynn.com Earl S. Wynn

    Best use for a coathanger… EVER!

    • Haywood Jablome

      Second to abortion!

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  • J

    Great idea! But I have a question not related to the stand…I notice you’re using a Gateway M-Series. I have the same computer, do you find it overheats and shuts down a lot??? Just curious, I don’t know of anyone else who owns one, and I have that problem constantly.

  • sab

    tried this and all it did was scratch my laptop!
    be careful !

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  • http://www.elizabethsideb.com ` 0.0.

    My MacBook is a bit too heavy to be held by the hanger at the correct angle, but it’s a great idea for the right computer! The plural sites has no apostrophe, by the way, apostrophes are for contractions (it is– it’s) or possessives (the punctuation of this site is incorrect– this site’s punctuation is incorrect). You wrote “Site’s linking to this post:” That ought to be a plural, so apostrophe, ever, with a plural. Yes, it does too matter.

  • http://www.leicesterpcsupport.co.uk DON PHILIPS

    sometimes the easiest ideas work best lol

  • http://www.felixnagel.com Felix Nagel

    Nice idea but does not work for me. The metal is too weak.

    Ive got a 14″ Dell Vostro.

    Perhaps it could be working for netbooks.

  • bert
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  • http://www.cheapsolarpanelsforsale.com/ solar panels for sale

    This looks great for smaller laptops, but I don’t think it will work with mine. Too heavy and doesn’t open all the way. Great idea for those it will work with though. Gives me some other good ideas!!

  • ergonomiclaptopstand

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