• trisha


    How safe is it to wear these? what have you done to prevent the glass from cutting into the skin if pressure was applied? I wouldn’t want to give some one something that is going to cut him to ribbons.

    please get back to me on this.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

    Hi Trisha,

    I imagine that they smooth the edges otherwise you’d probably see blood running down these people’s faces. To be sure you can email the creator, Scott. You can find his email here: http://www.urbanspectacles.com/contact.htm

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  • http://www.campbell-energy.com Aaron

    I’m thinking that these are simply artworks. Anyone who actually wears glasses knows that their nose can barely hold up their current lightweight frames comfortably, let alone frames that are many times heavier. On a more serious note, the actual glass recycling facilities likely do a far more efficient job than individuals or even a beer bottle re-using company could, en mass. These are for fun, not for mass production. Bluntly, the time/energy/resources it takes to “re-use” the bottles (glass blowing seems required, or at least a few hours of time spent sanding, gluing, and finishing) likely hurts the planet more than simply recycling the beer bottles curbside. The website that shows them off, http://www.urbanspectacles.com, is not really portraying their use farther than that of a gag at a party. Fun idea, in any case.

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