• http://www.alexmadethis.com Alexander

    I remember researching something similar to this when I was an undergrad, I ran into a moral dilemma when I found that even if it was old ugly furniture it still had use and when I would work it into something new I was actually using more energy and wasting more material. Is the furniture used for this project no longer functional before it is re-purposed?

  • http://www.betterlivingthroughsustainability.com Kristian

    That’s true, old ugly furniture is still usable. However, making things look pleasant, having them be well designed, that adds value… Aesthetics are a part of function, and re-using old furniture, even if it is still “usable” into better looking new furniture is something to be happy about, it is something that I think is sustainable. Chairs that are nice looking and comfortable are more likely to be kept by their owners, they lose some of that disposable quality. Things like Beauty and Emotional attachment are important things to aspire too… however they are also subjective. This is turning into a philosophical argument, and all I wanted to do was make a point that I would rather live in a world of really nice looking furniture that had a little waste, but was still conscious of the circle of waste and re-use, rather than one of old ugly stuff that was stuck in the past… we have to do the best that we can right now with what we have to make it to the future, where we can hopefully do even better things. Innovate and recreate.

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    Tahra Lehman