• yosh hash

    This being such a economically responsible site, I’m surprised you did not write about the inefficiencies of this arrangement. This is a centralized global system at it’s most extreme, and as such, is quite wasteful. (And to say that “the environment profited” is quite inaccurate.)

    For the West to act as a giant store to China’s giant factory means a whole lot of unnecessary mileage. For the West to stop producing simply because it is being undercut by China is also central to why the collapse is happening in the first place.

    Enough! This was an arrangement destined to fail. It is failing. It’s about time.

  • yosh hash

    oops, I meant “environmentally responsible”…

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  • http://globalpatriot.com Global Patriot

    As energy prices rise (despite this temporary downturn) and we become more aware of efficiencies in the supply chain the notion of shipping goods and waste around the globe will have less appeal.

    Despite the brainwashing we’ve received as to the benefits of trade (which largely favor the major corporations as opposed to the citizens) there are many advantages to producing and recycling close to home.

  • Kenith Scott

    I firmly believe that each state in the U.S must create and enforce new proper disposal laws by private as well as commercial sector’s.Once each state’s legislature sets the guidlines for the new law,then it will be up to each city,town and rural area to set up a system for everyone to follow no exceptions,those who do not comply will be fined as well as the refusal of their garbage being picked up. each resident or business who’s trash is refused by city workers,will be entered into a data base inwhich that person will be contacted by city officials about why they were refused at that point they will be fined say $50.00 for refusal to comply with city and state compliance code and will continue to be fined and additional $50.00 everytime they refuse to comply and an additional fines and penalties for the accumilation of refused trash pickup.Fines collected by officials will be used for staffing recycling centers, containers.Fined individuals will settle their accounts in a public municiple court system.Yes it has come to this,we have no other successful foreseable solutions at this time.

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    omg , what is in the boat.