• http://victoria-e.com/ Victoria Everman

    Best … gift box … ever. :)

  • http://wtfarewegoingtodonow.com/easy-money/we-need-a-new-car/ Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog

    this is a very cool project. I am glad for several half empty cereal boxes since I have been contemplating what to wrap a couple of gifts in.

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  • Alyssa

    This is such a great idea. I actually think it would be cool if the boxes were right-side-out too so you can see the fun colors of the cereal boxes :)

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  • anonymous

    i tried this twice and it didn’t work either time. how are you supposed to cut the box? your tutorial is vague on that part.

  • http://www.homeownershub.com/ Home Owner

    This sounds like a fun but by no means easy project :) I have folded A TON of boxes of this very design (its proper name is eluding me for at the moment) and one of the key details in this design are the two notches in the bottom and the matching tabs on the side flaps that insert into those notches. In fact, you can’t consider this box folded unless you “click” those in – until that moment the box “wants” do unfold itself. So, you would need to leave small (perhaps 1/8″ is enough) triangular-shaped tabs on the tops of the side flaps and just make incisions on the bottom in the size of those protrusions.

    Whoa, that was a lot of typing for something that anybody will understand in 0.1 seconds once they see it, I wish I had a picture handy… Wait, maybe I do! Also, I looked up the name, Uline calls them “Indestructo Mailers” and yes, they are pretty darn sturdy. So, see the pic attached below.