• http://www.simplyforties.com SimplyForties

    Very interesting. I wonder how it works. I’m glad someone is trying to come up with an answer to the plastic bottle crises.

  • http://www.journeytobecoming.blogspot.com The Seeker

    They look interesting. Good find!

  • Uncle B

    Grow hemp for the fiber in these bottles, don’t attack the forests to make them! Large tracts of land in North America, although only semi-arable are still suitable for growing huge hemp farms and creating the subsequent, non-off-shoreable jobs! Hemp papers are tougher and recycle better than conventional wood fiber! Hemp fiber has many other uses and supports industry as a raw material! If the production of drug grade marijuana is your fear, Canadian laboratories have fast cheap tests to distinguish the good from the bad and already do a good business with law enforcement agencies in Canada for swift clean convictions of offenders there! They will be happy for any extra work sent their way!

    • mat

      Yeah right,
      Cotton took care of that argument a long time ago, the same reason everyone is afraid of weed now. Good idea, but hard to convince people of it now.

  • Tony G

    are you dumb dude they are going to make the bottles out of recycles paper not cut trees down to make the bottle that would obviously defeat the purpose lol

  • mat

    Recycled paper? How do they get the toxic inks and all out so I can drink from it. Sounds like a long term health issue.

  • madison

    so cool a great way of recycling

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  • http://mollyonmoney.wordpress.com Molly On Money

    It’s fascinating from a designer/inventor perspective but I wonder why are we looking for a replacement for the water bottle? Public drinking fountains seem to a great solution to replace the water bottle.
    I was downtown the other day and so pleased to see a drinking fountain right on the plaza. It had never been taken out and was a beautiful design!