• http://ecosalon.com Mike @ Ecosalon

    Fabulous idea. And potentially, an astonishingly low impact form of energy generation…

  • Uncle B

    When the American Corporate Star has fallen from the sky, and the rest of mankind returns from the wild consumerism they promoted for commissions and ROI, to a world paced at a more friendly rate for men, we will each require much less for survival than our, large-bodied, overtly hungry, super-stimulated, over sexed, air-conditioned, pampered, propagandized, American counterpart! At that time, super-insulations will be allowed to the masses, no longer under the corporatism thumb of American patent laws! We will all enjoy the energy reducing effects of these remarkable products, as well a Cold Fusion, with Denatured Uranium and its super-batteries! Chinese intellectual powers are at this very moment, undermining the patents held secret for so long by the likes of Exxon and other corporations. They are also rewriting the Science, Physics, Math and Technology books in a most unbiased and uncomfortable way for theYanklee Doodle Liars! On the death of corporate America, will rise the “Fourth Turning” in America and the Age of Aquarius for the world, and the great evil, corporate America will go down in infamy, ROI will become a forbidden series of words, “Shareholder” will mean a death sentence for treason, and a new world government, spawned in Asian philosophies will run the world, complete with re-education and rehabilitation of the willing! The balance will be sent to the Gulag, America, filled with polluted, “Third World” Johannesburg-like cities as is Detroit City today, to rot in infamy in the monuments to Corporatism their with the corrupt “American Dream”. For the rest of mankind, minimal energy from Oceans, Solar, Tidal, Hydro, Wind, and geo-thermal, combined with the new liberated technologies such as super-insulation technologies, will make a decent, humble, and respectable life possible for all! We will worship sustainability and the environment, and live by biologies’ rules, in ‘oneness’ with Nature, for a life and death free from Capitalist pressures, with much happiness and creativity, little materialism, and as only part of the community of all mankind, a paradigm shift from today, and the evils of corporatism!

    • Rosco

      Man I tried to read your comment but i’m too stoned to get past the blah blah blah….

  • http://N/A harrison fast

    I would love to hear more about how the kinetic energy to electrical energy conversion works for this system. A note, however, commercial wind energy has a levelized cost of 3-5 cents per kWh, so this is not significantly cheaper. Wave power, however, may be the only zero-emission energy that can supply base load power.

  • http://www.unsprawl.net Hirotomo Nii

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  • Nostromo

    Sounds good. What has happened to this idea over the past four years?

  • just curious

    I wonder just how far out in the middle of the ocean would this have to be placed to prevent this from just being buried under ocean sediment in a year or two?

  • just curious

    oh also while avoiding sediment build up this would cause a new issue of building a device capable of withstanding the pressure of the ocean depths which I believe is over 2 miles deep on average. Then there’s the cost of maintenance on equipment at that depth.

    Maybe some sort of regular sweeping to reduce buildup at more shallow depths? But then there’s finding that balance of scrubbing hard enough to remove the sediment but not damage the fixture…

    Good thought in general about harnessing the ocean though. It’s basically a worldwide solar panel without an outlet.