• Butthawk

    Do you have to be gay to drive one or are goofs allowed as well?

  • Nooberator

    It’s like a segway for tards!

  • j.w.

    at 141 mpg it’s worth having internet trolls call you a “tard.” frankly, driving a car that gets 20-30 mpg looks pretty damn retarded in comparison.

  • StumbleSnazz

    I drive a moped with 90mpg. I haven’t even considered the cost of gas in my budget. It’s mere loose change when you can drive almost one hundred miles for a couple dollars. People that drive with two wheels, or three in this case, don’t worry about gas prices. This vehicle is gas price immunity!

  • gmik

    I like where wheel, brake and suspension technology is going in the near future.

  • KauaiSeeHorse

    Only a ButtHead would be BLIND to the SAFETY improvements that 3 wheels, and BREAKS brings to the Biking World. Allowing for MORE people to enjoy the Open Road with considerable savings at the Pumps, and ease of getting around in traffic, and PARKING. Why Tilt Wheel Technology took so LONG to be put to use is the ?

  • AAA

    This looks so cool, and easy to ride. It’s not like normal bicycles (which I can’t ride). I want one. ):

  • mark

    These mp3′s are nice but hard to insure due to the two wheels being in the front i like the two wheels to be in the back my self. i found a cool three wheeler that has the two wheels in the rear and still tilts and the best part is that its half the price of these mp3′s check out their website you might like it http://www.theautomoto.com .

  • James

    It’s very nice…

  • http://Website(optional) Abstriumsters

    beautiful site..))
    I will go to you.

  • calico

    I actually want one, and I am not a motorcycle type person. It looks cool! And at over 140mpg I’ll be laughing at those of you stuck stopping for gas.

  • elu

    It´s good that you can drive so fast with it….then nobody can´t see what you´re riding with :)