• http://www.nerdlike.com Jazzy

    This is so neat!

  • http://www.journeytobecoming.blogspot.com The Seeker

    Don’t know if it would hold up long term, but it sure looks cool!

  • Lesley

    “After the jump” is SO annoying, please stop saying it! Thanks ! Lesley

  • Uncle B

    Great recycling, and not bad looking either! Way to go!

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt

    @ Lesley


  • http://www.greenupgrader.com Doug

    @ Matt

    Make me.

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  • Isa

    “Please stop saying it?” Who the hell are you to tell him what words to use? And why on earth do you care?

    Anyway, pretty cool.

  • http://jazzutah.net SRS

    I would also question its practicality. But it makes good photo opportunities.

  • Kaskad

    Stupid, get ur cheep asses out of ur houses and buy a real F**KING table!

  • http://www.coolerchoice.com coolerchoice

    nice idea great design

  • http://www.daroom.info philly

    This is pritty cool

  • PDXox

    I would like to refer you all to the Mythbusters telephone book/ yellow pages episode. They spend the entire episode trying to rip two yellow pages apart which are only being held together by the friction of the papers, that are over lapping each other one by one. Although, I also question the integrity or even the stability of the design. I think that is the general premise of the construction and if that’s so it should remain fairly sturdy, at least as a magazine holder. I also think it looks really cool and is a nice method in which to recycle.

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  • Scrodo

    comment after the jump…


  • Rainy Daye

    What the hell is a “jump”?

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  • http://www.brodenbooks.com Learn to read

    This is actually very pretty! Some people are so creative. Of course you would have to use some really nice looking magazines…

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  • Matt Drum

    I have the perfect peice of glass for this and an ample supply of magazines could you walk me through making the base and I’ll keep you up to date with pictures of how its going. Thank you.