• http://blog.brighterplanet.com Carolyn

    Ooh, thanks for this tip. Gaiam is a great company to support– they’re really leading by example in terms of environmental responsibility. We should all put our money where our values are.

  • Chris Jordan

    Hey I just found a Green Deal-a-day site you might want to check out. They only sell one thing a day and it changes every night.

    Some of the deals are better then others, but they show the product spec’s are and then why it makes environmental sense under their ‘Eco Impact” tab.


  • http://www.psu.com/forums/blog.php?b=1233 Sharell Rauh

    I’ve enjoyed reading these types of blogs. Intriguing stuff! Solar energy has always been a fascination with me.

  • http://bluecanaria.edublogs.org/ Gran Olsen

    Great tip! will try it out