• Tomatron

    This seems pretty cool. I know i would use it. But would most consumers?

  • iRACK

    I’d definitely use it, particularly the Mark 1, super cool. Right now I have a huge box sitting in my attic for my Plasma so I can package it when I move, this save a lot of space.

    To make it more appealing to people they could maybe make it an option to choose what color box you want so it would match your decor.

  • TJ

    A good idea? When the TV is toast, it and the packaging go into the landfill. Seems to be just delaying the inevitable.

  • http://mounthoodbnb.com Bonnie

    I think this is a great idea, but only if the packaging is made from 100% post-consumer waste and is very sturdy and not cheesy or cheap. It should be mandatory for packaging to be completely re-usable or returnable (free) to the manufacturer for recycling.

  • http://www.holidayunder100.co.uk Diane Drinkwater

    What a fantastic idea!
    This is just what packaging should be! Useful!

  • admin

    TJ & Bonnie,

    Good points! I love this concept but for it to truly make an impact it would have to be made from recycled material and still be recyclable, which would work nicely with all the e-waste recycling programs out there now. Without that, it is basically delaying the inevitable. In the case of college kids and people who move at least once a year, while both the TV and the box/stand may end up in the landfill, at least there will be one less cheap particle board entertainment center joining them.

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation!


  • Outdoors2

    What a brainstorm Idea! Definitely would be of use by my children in their youthful days of college vagabonding and also in the game room.
    Wish you all the best in this endeavor.

  • http://sotavento.wordpress.com Claudia

    i hope electronics companies take this great idea soon! the big amount of packaging that usually comes with TVs is always annoying. i would definitely choose to buy a TV from a company who makes reusable packaging.
    it would be great if someone could think of some reusable packaging for other big electronic items as refrigerators.

  • http://shammallamainc.wordpress.com Austin

    TJ, it isn’t delaying the inevitable, they would buy a TV stand without it, and that would go into the landfill, so it helps, alot, great idea!

  • http://ExoticAnimalLover.com Kimberly Edwards

    This is a super cool idea, and most inventive!
    Creativity with the environment in mind! That’s the way to improve on something!!!

    Kimberly Edwards :)

  • http://www.7springs.ca Teresa L McLeod

    what a great idea. kudos to the inventive mind

  • http://www.shu-ncrew.com Mike Shumake

    yo, this is a great project, but you could make it truly awesome. Make the pieces so that they ‘lock’ together, with the TV locking in place as well, not just stacked on top of each other. Then, stick furniture sliders or short stubby wheels built like rolling pins to the ‘bottom’ of what would be the TV Stand. If you make that alteration, the base would then make the TV moveable, with the umbilical cords all linking to an area on the wall. Now, if your living area is long but not deep, you can turn the television perpendicular to the wall and play the more active games that are popular now -Wii, Playstation Eyetoy games, etc. Send me a check for the idea if you use it. I’m for hire! ;)
    -Mike Shumake

  • http://www.tomballhatchet.com Tom Ballhatchet

    Thanks for the positive, and critical, comments.

    Mike Shumake, good ideas (locking, wheels etc.), and exactly what it does do already. Check out my site if you want to see some larger images where this is made more clear.


  • tony

    I understand. If you are only keeping something out of the landfill for a while won’t it eventually reach the landfill. Why not just make packaging that IS biodegradable?

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  • http://cool-hotstuff.blogspot.com jasmine celion

    thanks fro sharign such cool stuff….i like it

    jasmine celion

  • http://www.bagsontherun.com Sheena Bone

    It is a great way to promote eco-friendly living.
    Sheena Bone.

  • http://3dtvinformer.com 3DTVInformer

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