Scientist Invents Truly Green Battery – Chlorophyll Green, That Is

5 by John Platt

Green Chlorophyll Battery

The problem with batteries is that they often contain toxic chemicals that can leach out into the environment. But what if the chemicals were completely natural?

Professor Chungpin Liao and researchers at Coherent Control Laboratory in Taiwan are thinking in that direction. They have invented an organic battery powered by chlorophyll -- the green-colored photosynthetic pigments found in most plant life.

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The battery -- discovered, like most great breakthroughs, almost by accident -- just needs to have some liquid added to it, after which it will generate enough electricity to last for two days. The battery can be refreshed five times, with a total lifetime output of about 150 milliamp-hours.

This is well below current battery outputs, but still, it's a massive leap in green battery technology.

Liao and his team are already trying to improve their chlorophyll battery, and they're patenting their discovery in the meantime. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with next.

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  • Kate

    A battery operated by chlorophyll, that is truly amazing. Do you know what the “accident” was that helped them figure out how to make this battery?

    Thank you for the great post!

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  • manigandan k

    I am interested in your Research and development work on creating batteries using Chlorophyll. Please update me if possible on any improvements. Thanks in advance.

    Mani K

  • j.aditya

    sir i want to make a chlorophyll battery please send total manufacturing prosses