Greening your workout: Communal Outdoor Fitness

14 by Samantha Tackeff

What if we could solve the obesity issue in America and get our communities back together outside? Enter our potential savior: Public, outdoor fitness equipment. Your kids can play on the swings while you get some exercise. This park offers the possibility of a) exercising for free b) at any time of day c) outdoors and d) no electricity is required.

My friends Julia and Alison are off traveling the world, and happened to stumble upon one such park in Turkey. Julia writes: "One evening in Istanbul, while strolling through a park, I spotted a playground. From afar I noted the typical jungle gym/swing set playground fare. But there was something else, too… a rather intriguing section of the playground that drew me closer. Upon further inspection I discovered that half of the playground houses outdoor exercise machines. Two twenty-something year old women in sweat-suits and sneakers worked out on a metal, two-person ski-machine. I tried the ab machine, then sat on a bench and observed as a middle-aged woman worked her way through an exercise routine while her young son scrambled around on the jungle gym. An older man came along and utilized the arm machines. A few school boys spotted for him, and then they hopped onto the stair master. " Doesn't this sound fantastic?

Why isn't this happening in the U.S.?

Any Social Entrepreneurs up for a project?

This is the website for the company that manufactures the equipment (in Turkish, but check out the photos).

And this is another company that makes the equipment in Australia.


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  • Handem

    These parks are frequently seen all over Istanbul. Many prefer to use this opportunity to work out during their walk on a sunny day. There also are a lot of middle aged people, who simply think they do not belong in a gym who take advantage of these open air activities.

  • Kate

    I love this! I get annoyed with gyms, there are always so many people and the combination with all the machines can make you feel claustrophobic. I think this is a wonderful idea. I wish we had this nearby, I would stop at the playground on my way to or from running. And this is so great for mothers to have something to do while their children are running around on the playground.

    My only question is how the equipment stays nice outside? I wish I could read Turkish, because I am sure they use special materials or something to avoid deterioration from the outdoor weather.

    Thank you for the great post!

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  • Chris

    Nice idea – would also have to be vandal-resistant as well as weatherproof. And I also think they should start making exercise equipment that generates electricity from the human effort. That’ll be even greener.

  • Kurt

    I was equally surprised to see this used by so many people of all ages when I visited Istanbul. It invites everybody to take up open air sport activities. Does anybody know who manufactures this in Turkey?

  • Fitness

    I keep fit with milk everyday.

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  • Dom

    These are extremely popular all over Turkey and I use them whenever I travel there, which is quite often. Gyms are very expensive in Turkey so this is a great idea. They should be introduced into the UK and this may help with with the growing obesity problems.

  • chris

    i clicked on the link to the turkish manufacturers of the outdoor excersise equipment but it did not work – can you send me the direct link


  • Natalia

    I just got back from Turkey and was really impressed how many of these green gyms are available everywhere. We’ve got one company in Canada and they got equipment installed in different parks/community center.
    Hope we can catch up with Turkey though:)

  • Nigel

    I just tried one of these the other day. This company call ActiveFit has one by my house. SO COOL!

  • kirone

    I also saw these in Turkey and now looking for a supplier in England for our local playing field

  • Green Global Travel

    Fantastic idea, such a great way to create more than use in one space. Thanks for sharing this!