• http://www.journeytobecoming.blogspot.com The Seeker

    Those are really cool. I’m not even a big audiophile, but I can definitely see the appeal in these. I like the bonsai-lol. The stacked ones remind me of the little molecular “toys” we played with in Chemistry.

  • http://roulettesecretsuncovered.co.uk Ryan G

    I know it sounds mad, but I wonder how plant growth is effected by differing styles of music!

  • http://outdoorurbanite.com Terri

    These are so cool! I have heard that music does affect plants. Would be interesting to see in action.

  • Corinne

    so cool. really unique design. plus i love things that do 2 things at once haha

  • falcon

    they are very cool, does anyone knows if they are available in the market and about how much do they cost? Or a link to their site perhaps? thnks :)

  • kl2u

    Never thought anyone have this ideas planting a plant on top of speakers…awesome! JVC really did it…make bonsai people love to buy this plant speaker :)


  • Mr Honest

    that’s fucking retarded. they are wired speakers (with bare wire clip connectors no less), with the appearance of being modular. the form greatly oversteps any function in my opinion. functioning with the performance of a mobile device and looks of re-purposed pipe fitting. by the way, the fifth photo from the top of the page is of a non-related design piece.