• http://www.blokeish.com Alfie

    Excellent idea. Save earth.

  • lmx

    Interesting! I like the rug, and play on the idea of an ‘animal rug’ but I’m wondering what the mouth is made out of?

  • Kilgore Trout

    What kind of an a-hole would put that in their house?

  • Sasha

    If you ever read this again, lmx, or others have the same question, the head and mouth piece would have to be obtained from a taxidermy supplier.
    I think the rug looks awesome! although I think I’d make it look a bit more realistic with actual white fake fur, and I’d pad it out a bit too, so it’s nice to sit on.
    As winter approaches, you can often get big fur rugs big enough to put on your bed – quite cheaply too!
    These would be perect for this project! You can get them in white (for a polar bear) or a more natural dark brown colour.
    I love the idea….I just reckon it needs improvement. :P