• http://www.peachygreen.com Stephanie

    Oftentimes, these simple solutions can help the most. Especially for developing countries. Thank you for bringing Project Surya to our attention. Its great to know where we can donate much needed dollars.

  • http://blog.brighterplanet.com Carolyn

    This is important work. It is also valuable to be reminded that ‘going green’ means different things in different places and economic situations. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bippy

    Cloudy days > Solar Cooker.


  • http://greenupgrader.com Sam

    Bippy- this is true, although the project focuses on both solar cookers and (other clean energy cookers). The focus on solar cookers though is based on usage in predominantly sunny climates.

  • Michele

    How is it possible that I saw this exact item in a store here in Milan?

    Is the Professor demoing in Europe or did he steal the design?.. :)

    I don’t think he did, anyway if he did, he did it for a right cause. ;)

  • http://greenupgrader.com Sam

    Michele- The design for the solar cooker wasn’t invented by Ram- he’s using existing technology, but creating a system for getting it out to the people who need it most.

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  • fah

    A very similar proyect was developed here in Argentina a few years ago but theirs is portable. http://www.xcruza.com.ar/cocina/

  • Bunny

    Yes, this is a very old idea, and I do personally like this technology, but I feel it misses the mark. This is not uncommon for people from first world countries because there are many realities that first world occupiers have never had to deal with.

    The largest problem here is food safety and the dangers of diseases from biting insects. People from the first world have often never had to deal with flies and other insects as an ongoing and real problem. People from the first world normally do not realise that smoke from many types of fires keeps many of these insects away from the food, including the food that does not need cooking. Mosquitoes are also kept away by certain types of burning fuels.

    This solution may just save greenhouse gasses, but may kill thousands through food contamination and thousands more through disease.

    These people do not have the fly proof kitchens, insecticides and bug lotions that those in California do. Not to mention that the fly sprays and bug lotions that would be needed to protect these people may just to more harm than good ecologically.

  • http://greenterrafirma.com/wordpress/diy-solar-water-purifier/ Bruce K

    Here’s a link to a solar water purifier that’s also cheap to manufacture and being targeted for third world countries. Drinking unsafe water IS a problem. I’d like to see hundreds of thousands of these Watercones distributed.


  • jeroen

    Nice idea,

    Please do not pretend that the USA is not a developing nation. 4.400 Homeless people in San Diego need you!

    country first anyone?

  • http://www.totalsolarenergy.co.uk/solar-oven.html Total Solar Energy

    great article. these cookers are life savers in remote regions where there is no electricity. clean safe food for everyone. we take such things for granted in the west

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  • Samuel

    there is already a project like this in Germany for Namibia. As I have heard it is working quite successful. The cookers look quite similar.
    The cookers are produced close to Windhoek in Namibia and used all over the country.

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  • http://dfcindiaholiday.com james

    Project Surya Solar Cookers to Change the World green UPGRADER Posted by root 10 minutes ago Cloudy days gt solar cooker pwnt reply to this comment this solution may just save greenhouse gasses but may kill thousands Project Surya Solar Cookers to Change the World green