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    Good idea,it’s so beautiful


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  • bht

    I think Buddhist monks make amazing beer bottle temples. Thanks.

  • เบอร์สวย

    Nice Building.It’s great

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    That’s nice job. Thank you for your post.

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    Quite an amazing art. Buddhist temple made from bottles of beer. but I quite sure that spirit is restricted in buddhist

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    That’s nice job. Thank you for your post.

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    Cool Buddhist Temple Thailand from bottle,It’s beautiful.

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    Buddhist Temple Thailand from bottle,It’s beautiful.

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    very cool Buddhist Temple in the world is in thailand.

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    Wow. I wonder what is was like to build this. Amazing what can come from recycled material. How long did it take them to build it?

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    Thank nice so cool.

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  • drm

    Things like this are why Buddhism is awesome. Beauty from ugliness. Functionality from uselessness. Sublime transformation. I think they’re on to something. :]

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    i love is monk , i’m from Thailand

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    Great Thank i love it.

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    i love is monk , i’m from Thailand

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    Most admirable. Thank you for your knowledge.

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    We should preserve this culture. Thanks for the info.

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    Thank you very much for PR.

  • http://www.thebuddhagarden.com Srisuda Hongthai

    Hi there, and thanks so much for posting the article and the photos of the temple. I am a Buddhist woman from Thailand (Phitsanulok Province), and we DO have a pollution problem – especially in Bangkok, but the smaller cities are also choking on all the pollution, too.

    I am very thankful that the temple has found a way to be environmentally conscious while still creating a work of beauty and function (since temples in Thailand sever a much BIGGER purpose than to just look nice).

    thanks again for the article and the photos.

    • MarkmBha

      You are VERY polite.

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  • Ldavis

    I recently saw saw some pieces on some news show like CNN and The Journal with Joan Lunden on industrial recycling but this takes it to the next level. If we put this monk in charge of the whole industry or just one company reclaiming our waste, this world would be filled with beauty. great article.

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  • kathymitro

    Okay now it’s time to recycle edible food. To save our environment from global warming and overflowing landfills, we must let excess edible food be broken down naturally the way it was intended. That is a human body should ingest it. FOOD IS TOO PRECIOUS OF A COMMODITY TO BE THROWN AWAY LIKE GARBAGE

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    Looks like all the bottles are flat sided.  Heineken tried making square beer bottles specifically to be used as building bricks, but unfortunately thr idea never took off.

    I’m curious what the original use of the bottles in this temple was.  I haven’t been able to find any references to beer bottles that look like the ones used in the temple other than that limited run of Heineken bottles.

  • http://www.sepco-solarlighting.com/ Liz Karschner

    I saw a picture of this the other day. I have to say it is quite amazing to see such a structure built out of what most would consider as trash. I hope to be so lucky to one day be able to see structures like this in person.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlotte.m.seligman Charlotte Mills Seligman

    Love this story!! Is it possible to use one of your photos in a newsletter for a client who sells wine bottles?

  • Estelle Page

    I thinks this really sends out a great message of what can be achieved through recycling. I actually read a great Million Beer Bottle Temple blog earlier that contained a video created by Eurocell that really illustrated the sheer awesomeness of this temple!

  • MarkmBha

    Great idea!