• http://qing_lin419.mysinablog.com/index.php Qing

    is it breathable enough?

    I am wearing crocs still think it’s not very breathable.
    I wish this design is made sole in rubber as photo and on top should be mesh netting…..

    I would love to try anyway~!

  • Lillimoth

    I like the idea, but still think that bare feet are better, and more comfy.
    I hardly ever wear shoes, even in sub-zero temperatures. I get weird looks, sure, and yes there have been times when I’ve had to remove a splinter of glass with a knife, but it’s all worth it to feel every stone and blade of grass.

  • K

    I own a pair of these. I love them. My feet don’t get too hot and I get to enjoy the feel of being barefoot without ending up with nasty dirty feet – and I can wear them around town and not get kicked out for being barefoot.

    If you enjoy not wearing shoes but want some extra protection give these a shot. They are particularly great for day hiking or wading through creeks/rivers/etc.

  • Lesley

    My eyes… Come on, these are hideous. You know it. Really!

  • Manu

    If anybody interested, you can get them at best prioces in Europe in http://www.5fingers.es

  • Joel

    I have a pair of these. They are very breathable and grip like crazy. It takes a day or two to build your foot up. Very little heat transfer even on blistering Alabama asphalt.

    I have the KSO model.

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      How do you feel they compare to regular shoes?

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  • http://birthdayshoes.com justin

    Wow those are my feet up there! (The photo of the classic five fingers)

    So did you ever pick up a pair? If not, maybe you should take a look at my beginner’s guide to vibram shoes. Or just let me know what you think over at birthdayshoes!

  • http://www.sportsballshop.co.uk Charlotte

    They are a random looking pair of shoes!! Not too sure myself : )

  • http://www.pooltablesshop.co.uk Ben McDonald

    How odd. They look cold, maybe if i get these I will stop getting laughed at for my crocs!! haha

  • http://........ Lala

    NO, these shoes are the coolest ever and I am getting some for Christmas.

  • http://www.bakery2u.com cupcake

    How do you feel they compare to regular shoes?