• http://www.pansypatrol.com Clint

    Definitely a cool car. As you said though, it’s not going to be cheap.

    - Clint

  • http://car-swap-meet.damox.com Electric Car Carl

    Are those acceleration numbers any better than the Tesla Roadster? I thought the Tesla was claiming something like a 4 second 0-60 time. Also, I think Chrysler is working on a high performance electric car that should be out before 2012 and will have the backing of a company that has the resources to plow hundreds of millions of dollars into a car.

  • http://cbelectriccar.com/blog/electricity-4-gas/electricity4gas-review-how-to-make-an-electric-car/ Will

    The Venturi is definitely one freaking nice looking electric car. I wander how many batteries it take to power this vehicle.

  • wouter

    the tesla roadster has faster acceleration. For what it’s worth, I think teslamotors’ cars will be one of the better ones!!

  • Uncle B

    Expect this car if not better, mass produced for cheap, from Asians, in the next decades, in carbon fiber or better, and with superior batteries, exceeding the patent buried EV-1′s batteries! America obsessing on the “Volt” sheet-metal nightmare vapor ware has been bypassed! After the recession, building as we speak, when oil skyrockets due to Asian demand and weak dollar, the American “Manhattan Project” scale electric bullet train system will unveil, making long distance cruises in cramped cars, small airliner seats, obsolete, and paving the way for battery “Shuttle Cars” such as this! Hang onto your Hats folks it’s gonna be one hell of a ride these next decades! GM(America) gone, Asian forces doubled,in population too! Yuan bidding against a dollar falling in value for oil we borrow to buy – gone to $15.00/gal! Change in our lives driven at computer speeds! Veggies and rice replacing hamburgers, beef out of practical reach for most! Even our toilets, dry and composting – no flush, just wrap it and ship it to the bio-gasser bio-degradable bag and all! The roar of a great American V-8 engine as rare as Clydesdale’s hoofs on pavement today!