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  • http://wonderling.org wonderling

    yay! I’ve been wondering how to make plastic bag yarn since I noticed I have quite a few of them lying around :(

  • http://condo-blues.blogspot.com Condo Blues

    I know a woman who under the “the greenest thing is using what you already have” reuses her plastic shopping bags for plastic shopping bags just as they are.

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  • Michelle

    Last year I had too many plastic bags to deal with, but this year, I’m using them as trash can liners and my supply is actually running low. This is thanks to ALWAYS having my own reusable shopping bags…that are small enough to fit in my purse and they are always with me ( http://www.breezybags.com for the curious). There are others like them out there that are more stylish, but stylish doesn’t cut it for me in this case. I want them in my purse, and those canvas ones were always “somewhere else”.

  • http://elastictrashliner.com/Accumulating Keith

    Titile: Too Many Shopping Bags? Put them Too Good Use!

    I’ve went to this site and though it was a pretty good Idea elastictrashliner.com/Accumulating Read and watch their video. You’ll be suprise what they came up with. I think It will work if we all pitch in.

  • http://www.gogle.com subash v

    Ter should be quite familiar abt topic to ignorant people make a do that u guys as me

  • Help

    These look very nice but you haven’t even wrote how to make them….