• Uncle B

    Funny how GM, Ford or Chrysler didn’t come up with something as slick as this first. I suppose it took European engineers and European corporate views to see the light and make real progress. I think I will encourage my daughter to send the grand-children to European schools, our boys’ greatest achievement, the latest one, is a 620 hp. 8 mpg, 230mph Corvette. They produced this “masterpiece of folly” just in time for the depression, in a country where the max. speed is 60 – 70 mph, at a time when gasoline costs over $4.00 a gallon! The shitheads! Is this what we sent them to school for??

  • James LeClaire

    Isn’t Volvo partially owned by Ford?

  • Dan

    Seattle has been operating GM hybrid buses since 2005 at least. New Flyer hybrid buses have been out for a while.

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  • Bill Joe Jim Bob Roy Boy

    Uncle B get a grip and relax

  • mik

    o fuck
    3 years ago solaris start producing hybrid bus http://www.solarisbus.pl/hybrid.html

    and now everyware i see this stupid news “vlvo was first”

    solaris i riding in Warsaw, Berlin, Poznań

  • abe

    Does anyone know how much the bus cost’s?