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  • http://www.greenofficeprojects.com/blog/ GreenOfficeBlog

    This almost sounds like a fairy tale, and it goes to demonstrate that all we have to do in order to solve our eco problems is commit to making a change. Samso appears to be a gorgeous place to live, and is setting a great example. Hopefully this will inspire larger countries to develop green initiatives.

  • benjamin

    well it would be nice if but it’s not carbon neutral (i guess) since the production of solar power panels and wind turbines normally uses conventional power – not carbon neutral.

  • http://channel0.tumblr.com Brendan

    Great article, beautiful pictures, thanks.

    You should change “it’s” to “its” in your first sentence.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt

    Thanks for the correction Brendan!

  • http://www.radiantideas.blogspot.com Radiant Ideas

    Oh if we could all live like this life would be MUCH better. It looks gorgeous! Hopefully someday I’ll get to visit.

  • http://www.naturallyearthfriendly.com Brianne

    Why is the United States the last in all of this? We really need to step it up, everyone is doing more for the planet than us it seems.

  • http://www.nairandarya.com VIPIN NAIR

    I think this has to be the coolest island in the world. I am mighty impressed. Please take some initiatives to send out this information to the rest of the developed and developing world. PLEASE.


  • http://www.nairandarya.com VIPIN NAIR

    The best thing and the best people that have happened to this planet. The entire nation needs to get an equivalent of a noble prize

  • http://greenbydesign.com Martha Danly

    The people of Samso are truly inspiring and so is the government of Denmark. Thank you for spreading the word.

    I interviewed Sim Van der Ryn, a leading ecological architect, this week and the subject of Samso came up as a great example of local cooperation for the greater good.

    You’ll find the Sim Van der Ryn interview at http://greenbydesign.com.

  • http://sennheisercx-300.blogspot.com sennheiser cx300

    Thanks for the correction Brendan!

  • http://diygreenguru.com Rich

    How wonderful to see a whole community setting such a great example to the rest of the world!