• Devon

    Pandas for Lunch!!! Great blog. Love the tone and informative nature.

  • Han

    Great to see your continuing the “Foodies” tradition! Great blog Sam!

  • lizzy

    im reading your blog :) hi! i miss you!

  • Emily

    Mmm… Bento *is* good. Another great green-on-the-go option is the South Asian tiffin box. Stack your curry containers on top of your rice container, lock the mechanism and you’ve got delicious food at the ready!

  • http://www.everythingsgonegreen.co.uk Gone Green

    Mmm, looks tasty. Could you send me both those bento for a taste review please? ;)

  • http://www.naturallyearthfriendly.com Brianne

    I’ve seen Bento boxes in restaurants filled with tempting Asian cuisine and Bento boxes you can use instead of regular lunch boxes. It never dawned on me to use a regular ziploc container. Thanks.

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