• Uncle B

    Very cool, Very green. Gotta be good!

  • http://www.journeytobecoming.blogspot.com The Seeker

    Great find. I love the spoons. Any idea where they can be bought?

  • chelsea

    love it. what a great idea.

  • Kyle

    No offense but isn’t using that much cork bad for the environment?

    So you are taking something that can be recycled (glass bottles) and adding extra cork or beech wood, not to mention the machines needs to re-fashion and smooth these glasses.

    I think they look cool, but calling them a green alternative is kind of stretching it.

  • phanichalla

    Very cool stuff. They can surely be used !!!

  • http://www.gatheringhome.com patty

    these look great! love to get retailer information and recommend to my readers!


  • Timothy

    Kyle, although that is a somewhat valid point, the energy that is saved from recycling glasses FAR outweighs the use of corks, beechwood, and machines. Also, recycling clears up landfills, which are becoming quite a problem, as most of the garbage in landfills isn’t biodegradable.

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  • http://www.sweetbrick.com SweetBrick

    The spoons are beautiful, but unless the glass is pyrex or another shatter-resistant glass, you run a good risk of getting a shard of glass in your soup.

  • http://url.ie/h1b?806550330 web

    By far the coolest use of recycled bottles I ve seen yet. These designs from french designer, Laurence Brabant, use old bottles combined with cork and beech wood. I m not sure how easy to use those utensils are, but they look cool and this is a creative use of design and recycling!

  • http://outdoorurbanite.com Terri

    These glasses are fantastic! What a great idea!

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