• http://www.plusaf.com plusaf

    c’mon… the original prototype looks like it would have had less visibility than a chopped Chrysler 300…. you want to drive while looking out through gun-slits?… YOU buy it… the higher roofline gives it better all-around visibility.

    by the way, doesn’t the prototype look like it’s got LED headlights, too?

    have you seen those on ANY production cars yet? even in AFTERMARKET bolt-ins, which are often a year or two ahead of mass- production models’ availability?

    MAYBE in 2011, but i’m skeptical… we’ll all see, soon enough.

  • Ozzy Oznow

    Good for GM, I hope that it work out! This is a big gamble because I don’t think that they have the battery problem fully resolved but will need a just in time solution! I have a 2003 model year vehicle and hope it will last until a decent electric car is in production!

  • leviar

    Audi R8 has LED headlights and taillights

  • Puuhhlease

    Ya, lets see how many people are willing to spend 40k for a chevy made prius that gets 25mpg ( 100mpg equiv on battery — 40miles before battery runs out, 50mpg over 100 miles and 25mpg over 200miles are some numbers I saw).

  • http://www.thegoodhuman.com David

    I could buy 2 next-gen plugin Prius’ for that price and have Toyota reliability as well. Good for GM, but I think they are already behind the curve with this one. Only 40 miles on electric? Their EV went a few hundred without any gas.

    Me thinks that by the time this car actually hits showrooms, several Japanese makers will already have better cars out; but I could be wrong.

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  • Troy

    Until BEVs get better range, I suppose we’ll have to make do with plug-ins, but I think 40 miles on a battery is still pretty shitty.

    Also, this looks taller and narrower and more like a Prius, so it looks stupid. I liked the original a lot better.

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  • Uncle B

    Volt already netted billions in loans! It can afford to fade into Corvair anonymity now, or even Vega away to never never land ! or even go riding in your merry Oldsmobile into the history books! Who cares? BYD has a road proven model for the U.S. and GM(China) has yet to rear its ugly head, with Shanghai Buicks and Cherry’s galore, and perhaps the long lost EV-1 batteries in a Chinese made model for a much better mark-up than the Volt! Don’t worry, the big boys at the top, with their investment wad sfely in Chinese Yuan know exactly what they are doing!