• Uncle B

    Can ethanol be used in high compression, injected engines? We frame our fuel ideas around thelow compression, gasoline, spark ignition system we now use. The diesel system of high compression and injection ignition can burn ethanol too, and at much higher efficiencies than a lower compression, spark ignition system. Somewhere out there in America there is an honest engineer, yet to be heard from, who will explain the advantages in efficiencies of engines using higher compression. Another efficiency theory abounds, An engine, running on ethanol, once reaching operating temperature, will burn a large percentage of water, if injected into the engine, using the heat lost in cooling, to produce steam, giving a lower running temperature and cool exhaust as well as a power boost. Before we we pass judgment on a given bio-fuel, we need more articles covering the engine technologies, theoretical and practical, for using these fuels. We may find, for specific usages, i.e., heavy trucking, some bio-fuels offer advantages, while for light hybrid vehicles, other bio-fuels will fit best! It is time now to start on the net, a series of enviro-tech engine articles engaging the back-yard inventive genius of America. Going green is for everyone, even motor-heads. We must evolve from broad speculation about bio-fuels to a hands-on American approach, where know-how overtakes theory and invention happens.This takes hours of dedicated tinkering, the thing we like most to do!

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