• Jerome Gill

    I am a public health inspector in Belize,a country in central America and I am looking for ways to safely dispose of both solid and human waste that is environmentally safe.I came across your site and would like to know more about the conversion of waste to fertilizer to see if it can be implemented in my country.Grateful for any literature and diagrams that would show the process as well as cost to implement.Thanks in advance,
    Jerome Gill

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  • GER

    Food Waste Converts Fertilizer (F.W.C.F.) Program

    Principle of Existing Technology
    Existing technology involves the application of heat and oxygen for aerobic reaction so that the microorganisms in aerobic digester can decompose the organic substances. However, this technology have many disadvantages like high operating cost due to high electricity consumption, requiring pre-sorting of food waste, highly dependence on microorganisms, novice deodorization unit and cannot handle large volume of food waste.
    Our New Innovative Technology
    GER and Hong Kong Productivity Council jointly developed an in-situ food waste conversion system with the premise of having a low operating cost, an effective deodorization unit and does not require pre-sorting of waste. Food waste is decomposed inside the insulated digestive bio-reactor under suitable high temperature and aerobic condition resulting in having a system with full proof of non-toxic by-products being produced and the quality of the fertilizing product and the rate of waste reduction can be guaranteed.
    Please visit http://www.reducefoodwaste.com to view the more details.

    • http://facebook Giancarlo M. Sembrano

      u r awesome

  • http://greenercreation.com Organic Farming

    Please help me understand how do you eliminate all the chemical traces (fertilizers that were used to grow them) of the waste you are processing. Also does this process includes food like meat?

  • pawan sethiya

    This is pawan from india. I am working in a software company, actively involved in ecology club of my company. I would like to know about the waste food management system and ways to produce renewable energy, also want to know more about the conversion of waste to fertilizer. Grateful for any literature and diagrams that would show the process as well as cost to implement. can we use this fertilizer in agriculture field?

    • jayakrishnan

      HI, i am jaya krishnan pursuing B.Techi am plan to do organic fertilizer project.please help me.
      Mail id is: klinkstar323@gmail.com

  • Vusani Luthuli

    I`m in South Africa. I have the idea of converting waste to fertilizer, so i need your help, now specifically from food waste. I really need your, and i need to implement it in my area.
    Thank you.

    Vusani Luthuli

    • Becky Striepe

      Sure! What sort of help do you need?

  • Siddhi

    Hiiii… I am very much interested to know more conversionof waste food. As i am
    thinking of setting a project of making the fertilizer from waste food.
    I need your guidance & help for the same.

    with best Regards………siddhi

  • Mohammad Khasim Shaik

    Hi i am very much intrested to make the kitchen waste into fertilzer sa ew have abig plant Nursery in Dubai.please give me some suggestions if possible. khasim_76@yahoo.co.in, 00971561750212.