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  • http://www.naturallyearthfriendly.com Brianne

    Looks attractive, but wouldn’t it be dangerous to birds? Ah well, they’ll learn to avoid them. It’s nice to see companies coming out with so many different options to do this ourself, seeing as the government won’t be helping anytime soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ivan

      If we do nothing there no birds sun !

    • Greg

      Not dangerous to birds. There is a pressure cell inside the ball that diverts the birds that fly too close. The propeller type generators are dangerous to birds.

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  • Taco

    It is a beautiful windturbine, a dutch ivention.
    In the Netherlands it costs 3000 euro, inclusive mounting
    When you compare the output with the price i think it is not a good investment. If you buy solar panels for 3000 euro’s you will get a higher output.
    I doubt the starting speed of 2m/s. Near where i live there’s a company wich has a 1 meter ball on their roof. It rotates only with stronger winds.
    The claim of producing 15% is based on the dutch everage use per household, wich is 3375 Kw per year. This claim can only be reached in the coastal area’s, not in urban inland city’s.
    I hoped the figures were better because then i would have a powerball on my roof.

    Please forgive my poor english writing,
    Greetings, Taco

  • Kimberly

    I had a friend who built his house in the late 70′s and totally powered his house with a windmill and his out builds also. Everyone would lose power during a storm but him. He even sold extra energy back to the electric company. Only thing his wife complained about it didn’t make the freezer freeze solid enough to keep ice cream in the freezer. LOL!

  • http://cozy-technology.blogspot.com Rainboww

    Thank you for sharing.
    Scoraig Wind Electric said in the website :” My agenda here is to protect the reputation of wind energy from disaster. Wind energy works well if correctly applied, but rooftop mounting is not a suitable application.”
    They found that the mean wind speed was 1.7 m/s (less than 2 m/s–the minimum windspeed) in the urban house roof, when actually it is 5-7 m/s in the city.
    I guess we have concern this. Put the wind turbine on a tower, that can be 2.5 times sourrounding buliding height.

  • http://www.worldwindturbine.com George

    we produce and sell wind turbine : http://www.worldwindturbine.com

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  • http://waytogogreen.org Way to Go Green

    Wind Power is very popular around here. There are several large wind farms within 15 miles and several home owners that produce their own wind power. Thanks for writing about this great energy resource.

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  • http://centurionenergy.net Bracken

    This is an awesome design. I have seen a number of these in Japan. They can be very effecient, however, scaling them larger is a gaint problem.

    Regarding the comment about birds:
    This is a silly problem that keeps bring brought up, and has even delayed some wind farms. Bird are not dump, and typically will avoid wind turbines. AWEA has published the offical study stating that more birds are killed every year by wind sheilds than wind turbines. Anybody want to stop driving???

  • http://www.squidoo.com/wind_power_cost lichong712

    This is creative design, I think it can make full use of wind power.I am engaged in building my homemade wind turbines, and I am also a DIYer,you seems good at this kind of expertise, I hope you can give me some advice,
    This is my current plan:
    wind power cost.Thank you very much! best wishes!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/smallsolarpanels Basil Westerholm

    I’ve liked reading through these types of blogs. Interesting stuff! Solar energy has constantly been a fascination with me.

  • C Bertani

    I just saw an Energy ball at an earth day fair. I want one! The design is so Art Deco and Avant Guard.

    Amazed that they cost 3000 euros installed in europe and in Texas the V100 is $12,885 and the V200 is $16985 — this includes a 32 ft pole. What is this Wind Robbery?

    They are thinking that with all the energy credits we can afford it. Well guess who is paying for all the energy credits. YOU and ME with higher taxes and electric rates.

  • Bob Henry

    3 meters per second equal 6.7 MPH!!!

    You are hiding this information. It is one of the most important points. MPH.

  • http://coupon-code-free.com shoebuy coupon

    I just saw an Energy ball at an earth day fair. I want one! The design is so Art Deco and Avant Guard.

  • Rosina Kibble

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