• Moon

    Wow. I wonder how it stands up to high winds in areas with little protection? It says just fine, but how strong did they test it up to?
    I’m impressed, sharing this for sure.

  • http://boksiora.googlepages.com/home2?285884274 web

    Innovative design for disaster relief housing, recyclable coroplast material, folds down to nothing, light weight, and you can twist and turn them into sick shapes!

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  • Pure

    This looks awesome! I wonder how it would hold up in winter conditions possibly covered with snow like an igloo of sorts. Only question I have is How much does one of these cost You could put the inlaws in one when they come and visit or use it as a utility shed for equipment or even a car port.

  • Aldo Diaz

    For cool green designs check out also: greenlabdesigns.com

  • john hillbrook

    This is very interesting. However, I have yet to see this and similar unique shelter ideas get to disaster areas. The blue tarp appears to be the extent of emergency help in the world today.

  • bubba


  • higher

    put these in Africa? along with wells this design could save alot of lives

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