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  • Kka

    If it cuts down fuel consumption by 2% then it cuts down emissions by 2% – If 0.2 then 0.2.

  • John

    This is the worst picture ever! So bad Photoshipping on the last photo dudes!

    By the way KKA 0.2 is not 2% but 20% (however your equation is still correct).

  • vera

    alright. tell me how environmentally “friendly” it is to build this thing. the natural resources, the synthetic materials and how those are made, putting it all together, the works- everything. are the long term effects of building this more damaging over the course of it’s life span than that 2% of fuel saved could ever make up?

  • John

    Well, 2% or 20% are good. Better is 100% with a radical technology that harnesses wind power — sails. The wind still blows, sails still work. As long as Toyota is building new green ships, might as well get serious about it. I don’t know about the Japan-United States transit time, but I know that the clipper ship Cutty Sark did Australia-England in 17 days. How fast do we need these cars, anyway?

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    I saw (and of course can’t remember where) a ship that was attaching the equivalent of a huge parachute sail onto the ship. to cut down on fuel from England to the US. That seems like a much quicker and more practice way to immediately increase fuel economy (at least if the wind is blowing). Not to mention manufacturing costs.


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