• Si

    is this going on some where or is this still in the idea stage?

    • Cathy

      Why didn’t OBAMA think of this? What a great idea everyone has to ride a bike instead of buying foreign fuel.

      Why couldn’t my brain thought of this?

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  • Doug


    “PBS (Public Bike System) developed by world-renowned industrial designer Michel Dallaire is already in operation in Montreal and allows you to swipe your credit card and roll out! “

  • conan

    They use this system in Paris, also.

  • Natovr

    I would miss gears on bikes like that… I love going out for a ride in a park and going really fast using gears :D

  • http://www.chokingplanet.com editor, chokingplanet

    Let’s hope they can keep this ecommunism contained north of the border. Would hate to think of real Americans having to exert so much energy just to move around the city, especially as the climate gets warmer.

    Must put a lot of bike thieves out of work though.

  • http://boksiora.googlepages.com/home2?370827793 web design company

    A human on a bike is extremely efficient and green as can be. The new PBS riding program is a scalable operation that will make this simple form of transportation available to that hard to reach portion of our society (the lazy!).

  • Pol

    This has been running in Barcelona for about a year or two now. It’s called “Bicing”.

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  • Newman

    I LOVE THE IDEA. I ride all the time and build bikes but this would be great for friends without bikes and when on vacation and you don’t bring your bike….

  • Kelly

    From my experience, the biggest reason keeping people from riding bikes for transporatation is safety hazards. What really needs to happen to get more people on bikes is for municipalities to create safer road conditions (i.e. clear bike lanes) for cyclists. I’ve been commuting by bike to work for more than a year now, and many of my co-workers seem I’m a little crazy for doing so. My mom constantly worries about me, and, in fact, I often question the decision myself.

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey


      You are right about that. In some cities it’s a downright warzone on the road. What city do you live in?

      It seems like cities and towns are becoming more cognizant of cyclists and becoming more bike friendly. For a list of bike friendly cities check out: http://www.bikeleague.org/programs/bicyclefriendlyamerica/communities/

  • Aiben

    I wish we have this system in the Maldives. It would be so economical and a green concept, especially trying to become carbon free.
    I like to see people on the top of the hierarchy of the Maldives to be the models and start using this green concept and become role models for the rest of the world. Together we can make a difference.

  • Qadir

    Love the idea of PBS Public Bike System Plug ‘n’ Play Swipe ‘n’ Ride.It’s really cool. I think we should have this system adapted in the Maldives, as for the young generation to start using more bikes rather than going for huge and trendy cars,which is not feasable to our tiny coral islands.Talking in general I believe that people who uses bikes are slowly fading away in our country,which is really sad to see.This system will help people to start using bikes and less damaging our environment.Hope someone will come up with this idea soon……

  • Qadir

    Well said Aiben, I totally agree with you….Together we can make a difference…..

  • http://www.omegastores.com David M Broom

    I love this bike because go long distance an can charge it when you peddle it its cool I’m getting mine two weeks. Lot better then other ones I see.