• Uncle B

    One more small step towards saving a devastated environment. Thank You. Every time we save to cost of manufacturing something by reusing it we are one step closer to removing the slavery imposed on us by high oil prices. Every time we reuse paper we save a tree. Please promote the right to grow hemp (not the dope type silly!) for paper fiber. Hemp produces more fiber per acre in one year than a forest does in 20 years. Hemp also produces edible seeds and oils, none toxic bio-diesel and grows on marginal land. Northern Manitoba and other parts of Canada are well suited for hemp production, but not much else. Please help us grow a fair, tariff-free,legal and politically correct crop. Our communities need this new source of income!

  • matt

    How do they do it? I want to pla!


  • matt

    Sorry PLAY!

  • wrrocky

    Hey all for saving the planet….glue pix of naked chicks on your
    ……dinnerware? LOL
    nice thought though!

  • http://boksiora.googlepages.com/home2?742380060 web

    The Bombus Shop perfects decoupage, or the pasting of colored paper pieces onto an object or surface. Self proclaimed hoarders Bombus strives to save the planet through decoupage! With vintage fabrics, comics, maps and atlases, the Bombus studio, based out of the UK, produces colorful and visually rich crafts from gathered trash (carefully selected trash that is!). Check out more the their work…

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  • http://www.burstoid.com/ Spencer Fry

    Nice find. I particularly like the second image above with the cartoons.

  • http://www.oneview.com/url/18747623/ Nada

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