• http://www.chemicallygreen.com Steven Mason

    Please in your own terms, what is carbon offsetting? Do you realize that this is basically the same as carbon cap and trade that the U.S. Congress tried to pass? These policies are nothing but a way to make American citizens pay additional taxes without much results on global warming reduction. The weather does not belong to man. It is a natural realm that God created and I am waiting for someone to prove that CO2 causes climate change.
    Please wake up. I am all for saving the planet, ecosystems and animals, but lets get real, all this carbon offsets and Cap and Trade is nothing but a gigantic taxation plan.
    Am I a climate skeptic? No, but I have enough sense to realize that the U.S. Congress is going to get all these new taxes and the taxes will be spent and wasted on pet projects via earmarks in their home states.
    Is Nancy Pelosi and environmentalist? I doubt it when she does not know that natural gas is a fossil fuel. Sad, Sad, Sad.

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