• Troy

    It’s better than nothing, and I don’t really expect larger vehicles / aircraft to be able to go over to electric propulsion any time soon.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt

    A friend of a friend shared this comment via email:

    “Hey, great article. It’s good to hear that the military is showing progress in switching to cleaner fuel. I spent some time in the service fixing their vehicles and I know that they use JP8 for everything. Trucks, tanks, choppers, heaters, generators, you name it. After a day’s work, you can literally taste it when you’re eating dinner and the shop had to be well ventilated at all times so we don’t kill ourselves with it.”

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    Environmentalists are frequently characterized, in a demeaning way, as tree huggers.What does it say when one of the hottest fighter jets burning across the sky is flying green?

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