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  • http://Plasticbottlethinkbeforeyoudrink Letlotlo

    Used to think that refilling a plastic bottle is wrong but now i know im contributing to saving the environment.Thanks to you guys i’ll keep up the good work and find more ways to go green.whooop.whoop (^^,)

  • http://tumblr.com kimmy

    this is crazy im doing a thing on this in school !

  • http://www.nigerianews24.com Nigeria News

    wow, that is huge, how is he able to pull the truck. Massive load

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  • http://www.caravanholidaysinuk.co.uk/ Caravan Holidays in UK

    Is this real. unbelievable

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  • random kid

    hey imma 12 year old kid and i used this to do my homework and is really helpful and thx Dong. =)

  • http://aboutplasticpollution.blogspot.com/ moorthy

    Bottled water is big business. But in terms of sustainability, bottled water is a dry well. It’s costly, wasteful and distracts from the brass ring of public health: the construction and maintenance of safe municipal water systems.

    Want some solid reasons to kick the bottled water habit? We’ve rounded up five to get you started.

    • Severus

      Plastics break up and get into the food chain…We end up eating plastic that causes cancer

  • lucky

    it’s very nice msg to the world…

  • stoner friend

    Bottled water sucks dick man, we need to stop it man and start using reusable bottles man! save the world GO GREEN!

  • M

    May I have permission to use the image of the man pulling the plastic bottle cart to educate my art students? gooneybd@yahoo.com Lynn

  • Kam Shae

    Thankkkk Youuuu!!! This helped me write more than a paragraph for my class. :) :):) :P

  • John

    Thank you. This data gives one pause to be, as you say, mindful about plastic bottle use. John from http://www.usahealthnation.com