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    nice travelodge recycling by making a hotel out of shipping containers in london.

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    These are cool!

  • http://www.topcontainers.co.uk Container Dave

    Thats one way of recycling a 40′ HC container! We use them for importing furniture but it sounds like a good idea for a bedroom. They should be well sound proofed but i would think they could get a little got in the summer! Nice work Travelodge though..

  • http://www.insomnia-sleepaids.com Horacio Meardon

    Thank you very much..that is a so helpful info for me.I had a trouble in sleeeping few months ago and now I can have a good night sleep.LOL.I tried so many things to cure it and I did solve my problem.Happy sleeping..just sharing dude. :D

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