• http://www.remyc.com Remy Chevalier

    The only problem with this Faustian bargain is the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund which is owned, controlled and operated by NorthEast Utilities and nuclear power interests, and “only” doing this to have “complete” control over the growth of the photovoltaic market.

  • Ali

    My question is this – who owns a 1-4 family structure AND qualifies as below 150% of the median? That seems like an oxymoron to me, although I am on the West coast and the cost of living is higher here. Most people over here that are below 150% of the median are renters…

  • http://www.triskele.com MikeTheActuary

    @ALI: Incomes are fairly high in CT, and housing prices, while bad, are nowhere near the insanity in certain parts of the West Coast.

    The household income cap is roughly 90-130k depending on metro and household size, which is enough to afford a modest/starter home in many towns.

    Still, they could have done more good with a 200% cap, rather than a 150% cap.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt


    Based on a chart on the CT Solar Lease site, for household of 4, qualifying incomes would be between $95K and $176K per year (depending on the area). That seems reasonable to me, I know I’m well below that, unfortunately NH doesn’t have a program like this.

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  • Daryl

    This seems like a lot of red tape. Connecticut should follow other States and simply offer a sizeable rebate to all residents. The more solar power the better so why limit it? If the ultra rich want to use the rebate then it’s fine with me . . . it’s still saving the environment! I’m for any incentive that get’s us off the dirty niple of oil faster.
    While I’m on the soap box, how about a rebate for wood pellet stoves . . . much cleaner then oil and it’s a renewable resource from the U.S.

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