• http://www.triond.com/users/nicki+b Nicki B.

    One word: HOT!

  • http://www.connectbridge.com Mark W

    This and a “zero edge aquarium” and Bang & Oulfsen stereo should set me back, but hell, who cares: it’s gorgeous, it’s green, and it’s cooler than any crap at the now defunct Sharper Image.

  • http://www.solreka.com/blog SolReka

    Loving the fireplaces. Very funky, retro and green

    Great blog btw

    Brighter Energy Solutions

  • Jake T

    There are unbelievable! How do I get my hands on one? I read on the company website they have a freestanding collection which is just like a piece of furniture. Great innovation!!

  • http://sydneyshotel.com Yandel Mcleod

    my family would luv it

  • jan

    so tell me why are we burning this again? Heating? what difference does it make whether we burn processed plant material refined into ethonol or just throw the plant material into a furnace. Greenwise this is nothing. Style wise this goes along with buying a nice big 4wd Lexus hybrid. Lets face facts this isn’t green, its fashion. stick to your gas burning central heating.