• Gustavion

    This is great. I love to see business adapt to our environmental needs. I came across another similar example: http://www.simplestop.net stops your postal junk mail and benefits the environment.

  • http://haul.com.au/ Georgie

    There is a company call haul in Melbourne Australia
    who make edgy products out of recycled rubber truck inner tubes, vinyl advertising billboards and old license plates.


    I work there and love what we make !

  • Susan Chen

    We are very intresting with the recycled rubber printing blanket, and they are good of use in our area.

    We could also make it to be popular product too.

    Could you offer us some raw pieces of the used blanket, and we are very hope to import some from yours company.

    Please call me 86-769-22019310 and to discuss how to use them as a best way.

    Or my Skype ID: susan_yunntong

    Hope to receive your reply ASAP.

    • David

      It was nice talking to you. This is Maru of Nairobi Kenya.