• Madelyn

    This art work is really unique, fun and simply great. Thanks.

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  • cyra

    thanks to Jean Luc Comec for the amazing creation of outdated technological sheep.. what an eye opener!

  • http://newsonline martin

    hi friend i am srinu nice post

    it’s new on blog ..!

    good ..!

  • Ann

    How brilliant! How uplifting!

    Jean Luc Cornec has enriched the world with his imagination.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Robert in Palm Harbor

    Ba-a-ad Jean, very ba-a-ad, Robert said sheepishly.


  • catherine todd

    Wonderful exhibit, wonderful sculptures, and you have written one of the best pieces about this on the web. Thanks!

  • Jim in Boston

    This is so creative. It’s awesome to see how seemingly outdated and useless equipment can have a new breath of life. Thanks!

  • Judi Wagler

    Thought this was quite neat. I’ve worked in the telecommunications (telephone companies) since 1975 and I would be proud to have such a display. Our grandchildren will not remember such a thing as a rotary phone.

    Not baaaaaaaaaaaahd.


  • Judi Wagler

    I thought this display quite neat. I’ve worked in the telephone industry since 1975. Our grandchildren will not remember the rotary phones.

    Not baaaaaaaaahd.


  • http://myspace.com/solstrom2 Sam

    it’s amazing art. and beautiful. but it scares me U_U

  • bidgee malone

    excellent work, great to see old materials used in such a unique way…i really like the single black sheep!


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  • Jim King

    Meaningless and crude.

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    Very neat post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

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    wow! this is great invention… this is for helpful to the people who works in offices

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    That’s a brilliant art.

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