• http://www.ramblingsofpassion.wordpress.com Adam Lehman

    I hope so…

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  • http://blog.lynxdaemon.net Daemonia

    I… Fail to see how this is a good idea. How can using a polluting fuel can be good for the environment?.. Furthermore a fuel that contribute to world hunger and increase price of the food… And I never threw my laptop in the garbage because of the batterie. I recharge it or I change it. What about the rest of the composants? Is it a least a good computer, than can least many years?

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  • http://alunfoto.blogspot.com AlunFoto

    “… a fuel cell that contribute to world hunger and increase the price of food…”

    Yeah right. :-)
    A long time ago, methanol was produced by dry-destillation of wood, hence the trivial name “wood spirit”. Today, methanol is produced from natural gas (methane) off the petroleum fields of the world. It does not in any was subtract from available food.

    Fuel cells are a Good Idea. If nothing else, then for the longer operation time. But Daemonia is right about the CO2, though. The best would be hydrogen fuel cells.

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  • http://fuelcellsforpower.com Philip Joyce

    The CO2 produced by DMFC’s is really not a concern becasue it is porduced in such low amounts. People want to eliminate CO2 at all costs, but that’s not realistic in a chemical process. You see CO2 and assume the process must be bad and that’s simply not true. What needs to be examined is the amount of CO2 saved throughout the entire process and not as an end result of the Fuel Cell’s reaction. Compare the amount of CO2 output from the fuel cell to the amount generated by coal burning power plants required to charge the original battery of the laptop.

  • http://www.poetryireland.ie/forum/member.php?u=3188 Johnie Delgato

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