• http://www.greenprinteronline.com Olga

    These are beautiful. Schimmel Gold is a brilian artist, a Warhol for our era.

    An interesting gift idea: print copies of these for co-workers to enjoy and ponder our junk mail culture

  • http://www.schimmelart.com sandhi gold

    Printing images from an artist’s web site is copyright infringement. The artist owns the rights to the work, so printing them and giving them as gifts is theft… please purchase art from the artist.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt

    Agreed. If you like this artists work then support the artist by purchasing it from her.

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  • Ersin

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  • Ersin

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  • Mia

    I agree that the artist should be paid but I’d be interested to find out if Twiggy or the estate of Frank Sinatra were paid for the use of their images by the artist.

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  • http://traveltourismpress.com Reese

    so nice to see a real definition of upcycling, vs recycling

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  • http://londoniscool.com William Wallace

    You call that art, give me a break, it is bull shit junk!

  • http://moomba.com/msgboard/member.php?u=14338 Deborah Schulman

    Lucky i discovered this excellent website, Another good site is Dbol is going to be sure to bookmark it so i can check-out regularly.

  • Michael

    This is fabulous upcycled art! I was at the Better Living Show in Portland, Oregon and saw this upccycled artist as well; http://edinamag.com/article/edina-artist/green-edina-artist-louise-harris All of the proceeds (not just profits) goes to charity.