• http://www.energypoweralternatives.com Josh Maxwell

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

  • Robert

    This is great. You really should hear more about how cars are made and what is being done to clean up that aspect.

  • Stalin

    So if I crash it and it catches on fire will I get high?

  • Yandel

    This is an awesome looking car. How much is it going to cost when they make it?

  • Anthony

    Stalin, these are the myths that have been perpetuated, preventing hemp from being accepted as a valuable resource. No, you will not get high; hemp is not marijuana. Problem is, the US government doesn’t seem to know that either, which is why it is so difficult to get approval to grow hemp.

    I really like the tri-fuel engine concept. Methanol is one idea that has been put forward for a synthetic fuel, since it could be manufactured chemically from water, atmospheric CO2, and electricity. Cars should be designed to use as many different energy sources as can be managed, so that whatever gas alternatives are available in a given area can be used.

    Why is everything Lotus does so cool?

    Also, I like that they are of shortening the distance traveled by various materials along the supply chain. I am curious what fraction of the total shipping this represents, compared to the final shipping of the car to the customer.

  • Uncle B

    Beautiful car, better concepts, and no U.S. 1930′s automotive group-think and no crippling U.S. Congress, with ‘lost in the 30′s ‘ attitudes towards hemp. Hemp seeds as well as algae produce bio-diesel, and diesel engines are 30% more efficient than spark ignition engines due to thermodynamic laws. Why not go diesel or even diesel-electric hybrid? The Yanks can’t seem to do it either, but BMW, Mercedes and various other European manufacturers seize this advantage wholeheartedly – Why God, Why?

  • Doug

    Us Yanks are just that, yanks. Common sense has no rank in our political system. I think these companies are doing a very noble act. I hope some of that European open-mindedness is adopted by our uppers.

  • zack

    Those solar panels are a waste of space because everyone who buys a lotus is going to leave it closed up in the garage for most of it’s days. Very little sunlight will reach those panels. cool car though.

    • JamJam

      That’s stupid. I’m going to buy a Lotus and I plan on showing it off. ….Jerk.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt


    I have to disagree. Whether it drives 1 mile or 100,000 miles a year the solar panels increase the driving efficiency and therefore are not a waste. You could argue that any car that sits in someone garage as a show piece is a waste, but this is still a great example of sustainable process and design.

  • Vorn


    I also disagree. My Elise is my only car and does a 30mile commute every day and is in the open air 50 hours a week. Many people in the UK use their Elise/VX220 daily and don’t have a garage to store them.

  • Joe Cool

    “This is still in concept and they haven’t shared actual performance numbers, however, the importance of this is their lifecycle approach is intended to be feasible for mass production and hopefully be picked up by other car manufacturers.”

    Unfortunately, this means don’t expect it anytime soon, if ever, and it will cost you an arm and a leg. GM couldn’t pick up and roll with a new idea if its life depended on it.

  • http://www.energysaverus.com Jason

    Also they have found hemp to be one of the most efficient biofuel crops. I don’t smoke weed, but the whole thing with pot being illegal is crazy, it is basically because of lobbying back in the day from the dupont company so they could corner the paper market with thier trees.

    Look at these amazing facts and demand at least industrial hemp be made legal

    Hemp paper doesn’t require toxic bleaching chemicals. It can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide, which doesn’t poison waterways as chloride and bleach–the chemicals used in making wood pulp paper–do.

    Paper made from hemp lasts hundreds of years longer than wood-pulp paper, which decomposes and yellows with age. Hemp paper resists decomposition and does not yellow with age.

    The Library of Congress found that, “While the hemp paper in volumes 300-400 years old is still strong, 97% of the books, printed between 1900 and 1937 on tree paper, will be useable for less than 50 years.” Hemp paper can be recycled 7 to 8 times, compared with only 3 times for wood pulp paper.

    The USDA reported in 1916 that an acre of hemp produced as much paper as four acres of trees annually, and that single hemp acre grows back every year

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  • http://greenupgrader.com/2448/lotus-eco-elise-taking-sustainability-up-a-notch/ Mark, PMP

    The car is awesome. American motor companies won’t increase fuel efficiency even though they are making our cars less and less desirable on the world market. We saw a Lotus at a restaurant and fell in love immediately. Then again, its the 22nd century now. WHERE ARE THE FLYING CARS PROMISED IN “THE JETSONS”?

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  • phred

    Those solar panels might be good for, what? 10 Watts? W00t!

    I’ll happily take a plain old Elise (or Exige) for half the cost.

  • Hassan omar

    Solar paint

  • spuffler

    The only gain of doing these concept vehicles is 2-fold: the participating engineering teams get to put it on their resume, and the company gets to say “Us too! We care, honest!”.

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  • http://www.belt-shoes-china.com Bathing suit

    Looks so cool! Like!

  • http://www.comparegasandelectricity.com/ Richard

    This is an amazing looking car. Does anyone know if it was ever put into production? This is the first I’ve heard of someone making the entire process of actually building the car more energy efficient and with green inputs. I hope they figure a way to create this car on a mass scale.