McCain’s Energy Policy Leaves America Hanging Ad

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John McCain Energy Policy

I saw an ad for the Toyota Prius yesterday and couldn't resist tweaking it a little to take a shot at McCain's stagnant energy platform. I don't normally indulge in political commentary but I could not stand to hear one more time that Obama flip flops for "Political Expediency" while McCain stands up for America, without saying something.

When gas prices were at $3.50 a gallon McCain was against off-shore drilling because it's bad for America and bad for the environment, but now that gas prices are over $4 a gallon, he's all for it... and his reason:


"As a matter of fairness to the American people and a matter of duty for our government, we must deal with the here and now, and assure affordable fuel for America by increasing domestic production."

Desperate times call for desperate measures... but wait a minute, experts definitively state that lifting the moratorium on oil will not produce a drop of oil for 7-10 years. Furthermore, those new wells will not be producing enough oil to impact fuel prices for up to 20 years at which point prices may go down 3 cents! That's dealing with the "Here and now"!?!? Is McCain an idiot? Probably... but he does know better on this issue. On May 29th at a campaign stop in Wisconsin he was asked about off-shore drilling and he explained,

"[W]ith those resources, which would take years to develop, you would only postpone or temporarily relieve our dependency on fossil fuels."

Years to develop? So what's the deal John? According to you off-shore drilling won't help in the short term and it wont help in the long term so why advocate for something you, just a few weeks ago, said was harmful to Americans? Sounds to me like you are pandering to the oil companies and trying to spin it as civic duty. Flip flopping and lying for political expedience... nice.

I do have to say that I used to have a great deal of respect for McCain. For a Republican John McCain has been relatively Green. He has been a principled public servant who wasn't afraid to break party lines on a number of issues and I won't begrudge him his record, however, I don't recognize this John McCain. A maverick? The only conventions he has defied in this campaign are honesty and common sense.

For a more objective look at both candidates' energy plans check out this article at Triple Pundit: McCain and Obama's Plans to Combat Climate Change


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  • Jordan

    Oh – So, McCain is a flip-flopper. I thought who ever called the other canidate a flip-flopper first was automatically exempt from flip-flopping.
    I have a lot to learn.

  • Adam Lehman

    Great Post.
    really great post

  • Uncle B

    McBush’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t know how to access the net! The man himself, is too far behind the times to know if his aids are duping him or not! At least Putin can go on the net and check things out for himself! or, he can get into a jet aircraft, pilot it to where he wants to go and look! McBushes time has come and gone!

  • Independent thinker

    I realize it’s trendy to bash any politician who espouses anything but leftist ideology, but apply some independent thinking and logic for once and you’ll realize that it’s Obama’s “plan” to deal with the energy crises that leaves us hanging out to dry. “Hope” is just an unoriginal campaign bumper sticker (Clinton already used it) meant to appeal to simple-minded, easily influenced followers. “Hope” is not an energy policy, but that’s what Obama’s plan is based on. It’s idiotic to wistfully HOPE for a new unknown, miracle technology (15-40 years away) while doing nothing to address the issue in the near term.(1-15 years). We should apply a diverse approach to solving the issue involving domestic production for the near term as well as long term drives toward alternative energy solutions including nuclear, solar, hydrogen, etc. Obama’s narrow-minded plan does nothing to address rising gas prices for the next 15 years. You think prices are high now? It’ll be $10 a gallon during an Obama presidency.

  • alright

    Yeah, McCain’s multi-lateral plan to increase domestic drilling, nuclear power and kinetic energy capture while at the same time developing new alternative energy sources is dookie. I like Obama’s plan to harness the power of rainbows much better.

    Yay rainbows! They’re almost as trendy as Obama himself!

  • Mike

    The total effective tax rate on gas is 40%.

    Yeah government!

  • Jack T.

    Don’t be so silly. When McCain correctly changes his position on offshore drilling after gas doubles in price, that demonstrates an open-mind and the ability to react according to changing conditions. If he didn’t adapt his position to reflect changing conditions, you’d tar him with the “stubborn”, “narrow-minded” labels your ilk is so fond of applying to conservatives. Obama, on the other hand, joined a racist church 20 years ago out of political expediency (to believe otherwise is to admit he actually believes the racist dogma of his church). And recently Obama left the church out of political expediency. Not only is he not a different kind of politician. He’s the worst kind. Wake up Matty and stop thinking like a sheep. Don’t fall for the hype.

  • http://deleted Jack T.

    Nice job “Uncle B”. You put down an American war hero in McCain who was shot down piloting a fighter jet and tortured for years by communists to provide you with freedom while you praise Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, who has squashed rights of free speech and personal freedoms in Russia. Classic douchebag liberal thinking. Scary to think there are so many ignorant people like you running around.

  • Regular Reader

    As a regular reader of GreenUpgrader and a fan of Matt, I am very disappointed to see something like this. I am definitely a “Green” sort of person and feel that the environment is an important issue. The problem I have, for one, is the sources. Huffington Post? Could you get more biased of a source than that? Not unless it’s MoveOn. The character assassination? I would expect a more mature reaction. If you disagree with somebody, you only make yourself like a foolish child by posting such a ridiculous picture. Instead, try a rational way of explaining your position and how you disagree

    Matt, and GreenUpgrader, I expect better from you.

  • Aaron

    A. We should increase domestic oil production as every other country has done. I mean who knows when the middle east will explode into all out war. Oil is going to have to be part of the solution as alternative energies gain ground.
    B. No one should be praising McCain, Obama, or any other politician. As soon as you start doing that you’re putting more control into their hands. No person can handle that much power without becoming corrupt in one form or another. Keep the power in your hands. Always question. We’re the ones in control and responsible for the economy, stop looking to the government for answers.
    C. Stop taking standing on the extreme ends of the perspective and giving politicians childish, divisive nicknames. Yes gas prices suck and they’re driving up costs of everything, but on the other hand it is forcing us spoiled Americans (myself included) to look to other alternatives. At some point major cities have to have better public transportation. Cars just don’t work in these areas. Look to corporations to initiate this, not to the government who in the end will waste half of your money anyway.

    That’s my rant. Decide for yourself.

  • Aaron

    Typo above… *C. Stop standing on the extreme…*

  • VRAS

    I can’t wait for Obama to win because 40% of gas tax is waaaaaay to low.

  • Matt

    Whoa, after yesterday I didn’t think anyone would respond to this.

    @ Jack T: I like the idea of a politician being dynamic and changing their positions in response to changing conditions, I call that being a public servant. This is not the action of a public servant but the posturing of a politician. McCain’s change in position is not addressing any of our current problems. Show me one unbiased expert that believes that lifting the moratorium will decrease current oil prices and I will reconsider.

    There’s untapped domestic oil that’s not being pumped right now so I don’t see any reason to do more drilling while we have that those unused resources that will more affectively address the current problem. I am not a huge fan of oil but I am all for pumping what we have now to alleviate the current gas crunch. The problem I have with McCain’s FLIP FLOP is he his reasoning is flat out wrong. It does NOTHING to alleviate the current problems facing the country and the fact that he spins it otherwise is dishonest.

    I love how anytime someone disagrees with an Obama supporter they assume we must be crazy…. that we could not have chosen to support him out of our own free will as a result of rational thinking. We must have drank the koolaid! At the beginning of this year I was not sure who I was going to vote for. I will say that despite my distaste for the Bush administration, McCain was on the top of my list (after Vilsack dropped out). Everyday since then, however, McCain has eroded away the respect I once held for him. As far as Obama is concerned I am very confident he’ll have a groundbreaking presidency, but I am not blind. I do see that he is a politician. I would not say in the worst way, but he does pander, and he does make political maneuvers. Still my observations of him is that he’ll make politically motivated decisions but he does not directly and purposely mislead the public like John McCain and others (democrats too) have.

  • Matt

    @ Regular Reader:

    I apologize if my commentary/artwork offended or alienated you in anyway. I was advised not to post this, and I realize it does go against the principals we founded this site under, eg. reach, don’t preach & provide options and ideas without alienating.

    I agree with you that Huff Post is not the most objective source of information, however to the best of my knowledge all of the quotes and facts are correct. I will also concede that some of the words I chose were childish and self-indulgent. I am frustrated with McCain and personally I feel betrayed as someone who used to support him. I do not consider this a matter of a difference of opinion and I do seriously question his character now. While the picture was emotionally motivated, and plays to emotion rather than reason, I do not think it’s inaccurate. In retrospect, and I said this to Doug yesterday evening, I think I should have made the picture directed at offshore drilling instead of McCain. That is more to the core of the issue that I have a problem with and I think that because I let my frustrations with McCain creep in the point was lost on a lot of people as a political cheap shot.

    That being said, I am sorry for using gUP to spout my own personal political views and will try to make our political posts more objective in the future. Thanks for your comment and I hope I haven’t scared you off all together. Also, if you have any other thoughts or suggestions I’d love to hear from you. Send me a shout through the contact us link.

  • Matt

    @ Alright

    I disagree, but your comment was hilarious! I always enjoy a healthy dose of sarcasm.

  • Matt

    @ Aaron

    I don’t agree with everything you said but it was well put. I do strongly agree that we need to take more responsibility for the state we are in. Hold politicians accountable but don’t shift the blame to Washington.

    @ Adam

    Thanks! You have a good site there.

    @ Jordan

    Haha. You’ve got a good site too. Did you invent google?

  • Doug

    I want to be a part of the action too!

    You people voted for Hubert Humphrey, and you killed Jesus!

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  • cassidy

    this is all crap!!!!!!! :P it sux

  • cassidy

    i cant believe people actually listen to this ****