• eran

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH OMFG that horse one made me fuckign crack up

  • http://www.carbon.org.nz Olmec Sinclair

    Here in New Zealand the truck drivers are taking their big heavy machines through city centers, blocking traffic and causing havoc in protest or recent fuel and tax rises. Lots of small changes are needed now to help lessen the impact of the other changes that are coming.

  • http://www.benkoshkin.info Ben Koshkin

    what was so funny about the horse?

  • http://www.mikeadkinson.info Mike Adkinson

    I agree, I did not think the horse was very funny.

    • Notlaughing

      This is not a new idea. Around 1800, some railroads used this same technology. Check it out!

  • http://www.zombierepellent.com Zombierepellent

    Zombie power?

  • http://www.superdodgeballcomics.com Adam

    Those lettuce girls should check out Mr. Cabbage Head (and by that I mean the character from the classic Kids in the Hall skits)

  • http://gamini.org gamini

    Hmmmmmm…..world’s wealthiest country….can not afford gas…cheap even at 4.00 dollars….

  • http://www.getloan.co.uk Diane

    In the UK the most shocking thing you can suggest someone does when gas (petrol) prices are mentioned is to get the bus. People nearly explode at the thought of not travelling in their tiny metal cells. They’d almost certainly consider many more options before giving up their car. Should we be starting therapy groups now to help people cope with the loss they’ll experience?

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  • http://www.fanpanx.com/ ดูหนังโป๊ออนไลน์

    I agree, I did not think the horse was very funny.