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  • http://modernurbanliving.com Tracy

    I love the concept! It’s a shame some much water is going to waste when in other parts of the world people don’t get enough to drink.

  • michael

    You should also check out http://www.waterlegacy.com for a whole home system.

  • http://hrmcaesarst.augustinedebuonaparte hrm caesar st. augustine de buonaparte

    back in 1984 I was approached by US Dept. of Commerce & 4 about a
    year letters & blueprints traveled back & forth in regards to ideas on
    the grey water systems I had provided to them,in the end they rejected them as to costly in the amount of time the systems pay for themselves.I knew they were stupid then as much as they are stupid NOW!. I did learn though, that’s how they get new ideas from people for free, to me it’s a form of stealing,since I also told them that for decades the US builds their 2 story houses backwards in regards to saving water & electricity, but for the life of an Emperor, President, and inventor, I guess it’s expected to have this kind of luck in a world of idiots, the groovy thing is that I don’t have to prove it, it’s proven every day by the very same people who point fingers at me & laugh, snicker, & criticise such a shame to be living & witnessing hindsight materialize right before my eyes AS TIME GOES BY. but if anyone wants to start a revolution that has many disguises & gray water it a big one because of the huge number of people that would be laid off if everyone started using the system, the earth benefits & people have to practice better future insight to protect their chosen professions. so if you need to contact me just call it’s easier for me then E MAIL, (818) 888-5116 also vote for me.

  • http://www.grey-is-green.com Greywater Guy

    Build your own DIY Greywater Recycling System for $350 and save over 30% on your monthly water bill. Details at http://www.grey-is-green.com.

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  • Joe

    doesnt matter what water is wasted if others cant find enough to drink. you cant exactly send the water there. this is for simply doing your part to conserve your water usage, save a few dollars for yourself and help cities cut thier costs for haivng to treat your water and waste

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey


    you forgot: reduce the amount of energy spent to deliver, recover and treat water.

    You are right that grey water systems in areas where there is no shortage of potable water will not help quench global thirst but it is still a responsible and sustainable way to more efficiently use our resources and reduce water and energy consumption.

  • someone

    yo wasssupp waterr nerrdzz

  • http://www.greywater-systems.com fred

    why not use a dual flush toilet kit to convert toilets to a lower flush and save the greywater for the yard and gardens. The plumbing required to bring greywater back to the toilets for flushing must be costly in existing construction.

    • Ryan Swisher

      You are absolutely right, it is extremely difficult to store any volume of gray water for any length of time. If you are storing more than any amount for more than a few days it will rapidly turn to black water and will no longer be usable. To use the gray water for flushing you would need an insanely expensive filtration and storage system, or manually pumping water right out of your bathwater right into the toilet. use your gray water for your yard, use a low flush toilet and learn up about composting toilets and recycling your black water.

  • http://www.advancecare.co.uk/saniflo1.html saniflo man

    The saniflo units are in a permanent off status and only come on for about 12 seconds depending on the installation so use very little electric and the installation is also very simple normally only the inlet pipes, 1 outlet pipe and the electric and thats it all done

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  • http://108beautyshop.com/ ผิวขาว

    i like it , cool fever !

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  • Collin Rashed

    Hey! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!