Craft Recycled: 5 DIY Ornaments

0 by Becky Striepe

DIY Ornaments

Are you doing a Christmas tree this year? Instead of picking up ornaments at the big box store, why not get crafty and make your own DIY ornaments for a tree that's 100% you!

You can have a fun family crafting session and churn out a ton of ornaments or insert ornament-making into your tree-trimming party. We do this every year, and my most treasured ornaments aren't the fancy store-bought ones. They're the homey, sometimes folksy, usually hilarious, and always special ornaments that my friends have made at tree trimmings past.

To create an ornament crafts table at your tree trimming party, just set out upcycled craft supplies like reclaimed cardboard, milk jugs, and wine corks along with more conventional ones like permanent markers, glue, fabric scraps, googly eyes, and decorative paper. You'll also need a hole punch, twine, and ornament hooks, so guests can place their creations on the tree.

If you need a little DIY ornament inspiration to get you started check out these five ideas!

DIY Ornament Washi Tape

1. Washi Tape Ornament

Use decorative Japanese paper tape to turn reclaimed cardboard into a 2D take on those Christmas ball ornaments!

magazine ornament

2. Magazine Ornament

Turn magazine or catalog pages into a cute ornament for your tree.


3. Rhinestone Ornaments

Crab some old jar lids, mod podge, and rhinestones from your stash, and make sparkly upcycled ornaments!

DIY Ornament Punching

4. Snowflake Ornament

Cut up an old milk jug and use cookie cutters to trace and cut pretty snowflake shapes. These look great on a tree or hanging in the window!

book ornament

5. Revamped Book Ornaments

Do you have some old ball ornaments that could little updating? Grab some book pages and lots of glue and give them a makeover!

Does your tree have any handmade ornaments this year? I'd love to hear what you're making in the comments!

Image Credits: Christmas Tree image via Bigstock, Washi Tape ornament photo by Becky Striepe, Magazine Ornament by Bonnie Getchell, Rhinestone Ornament via Mod Podge Rocks, Snowflake Ornament by Cristin Frank, Book Ornament photo via Chalk White Arrow

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