• Eric
  • Matt

    @ ERIC,

    Thanks for commenting. I’m not sure how we are “too late” on this? We never said this was breaking news. There are a lot of products and ideas that are not new that deserve coverage. This is a feature on a product and designer that embody some sustainable ideals, not to mention it’s pretty cool.

  • http://www.sculptress-studio.blogspot.com erin

    just came across your blog. thank you for recognizing that while there are a ton of really cool eco-friendly new products and design out there:
    1. you don’t have to be rich to be environmentally friendly (the term thrifty comes to mind)
    2. that the average reader can build similar things themselves. I’m definitely going to try the newspaper yarn and this construction technique sometime soon.

  • http://cooking-free-recipe.com/ How To Build A Picnic Table

    The more sites I visit the more I realize that most of them don’t live up to their promise, but this one is different. I love it. Thank you for the Newspaper Bench: Upcycle Mundane to Extraordinary @greenUPGRADER posting. Cindy Kerr.

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  • Nancy

    On Pinterest there is an upcycled Plastic Bag crocheted sleeping mat (rolls up) for handing out to homeless people. Quite smart.