Spirit Tree Eco-friendly Urn

4 by Doug Gunzelmann


Awhile back we posted on eco-friendly coffins made from cardboard. The Spirit Tree is an earth friendly carbon neutral burial option for those wishing to have their remains cremated. The concept is quite beautiful actually. The biodegradable cinerary urn has outfitted with a ceramic top perforated with hydration holes. The bottom is a combination of peat moss, dirt, wood chips, and post consumer paper that is biodegradable. The remains and the seeds of a tree, or any plant of your choice, are added to the interior of the urn and it is then placed in the earth outdoors in a fertile location. The ceramic top is weathered away over a long period of time and the tree grows up through the center from within as a living memorial to your loved one.

“The act of restoration can be as simple as replacing something that has aged and died away. Above all it means to heal, to make whole, to reweave broken strands and threads into a social fabric that honors and nurtures life around it. To restore is to make something well again. It is mending the world. People have to believe there is a future in order to look forward.”

Not only is it carbon neutral by offsetting the CO2 created during the cremation process, but it is a great way to continue the circle of life while creating a strong visual and emotional symbol for those wishing to look to the future.  Spirit Tree is a member of the Green Burial Council and can be purchased by contacting them on their website.

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  • http://www.catchlight.com/ Hobartimus

    This is wonderful! I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to have a tree planted on me rather than a tombstone.

  • http://ecosalon.com kim

    Definitely beautiful, and exactly the way I want to be buried. Exactly.

  • Carl


  • Rguysi

    Does anyone know where to purchase this? A friends mom is losing her battle with cancer and they would really like to do this.